3 Tips For RV Maintenance To Consider That Save Your Money

Today I wanted to give you 3 tips For RV Maintenance that might be able to save you some money or save you some headaches down the road with your RV.

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RV Maintenance To Consider

3 Tips For RV Maintenance

We find ourselves in this time while we’re sheltering at home compared to a lot of times at this time of year.

A lot of people are getting their RVs out getting them D winterized and heading out to go RVing or go camping.

So I want to give you a few items you can check off the list since these aren’t things that we typically think about this time of year.

Tips 1# Battery Health and Maintenance

tv Maintenance

So number one is that your battery is healthy.

So for starters no matter what battery type you have where is that in the state of discharge?

So some batteries different types like lithium don’t discharge when it’s in storage as fast as say a lead acid.

But there are different charts you can look at if your battery has been resting for a while and you don’t have a battery monitor.

You can find out what state of charge it is.

So you can find that percentage to be able to figure out if your battery needs to be charged up.

What Battery Type You Have

So for starters, it doesn’t matter what battery type you have you want to charge your battery up.

So if it’s lithium it’s not gonna self-discharge nearly as fast as lead acid.

But you want to find out where it’s at in the state of discharge and charge it up.

So you could either check your battery monitor on your lithium battery or you can check the voltage for your LED acid or your AGM.

Figure out where it’s at and see if there’s been any if it’s been drawn down too far or self-discharge too far it might have caused some damage.

Add Water To Your Battery

Now the other thing if it’s not a sealed battery like an AGM and you have to add water to your lead acid battery.

Plates Are Gonna Be Covered

You also want to make sure that those plates are gonna be covered in there and you haven’t lost fluid in there to the point that those plates are going to be exposed.

Unfortunately, if your plates are exposed in the battery then that means that there’s probably going to be some damage to it.

You’re not gonna get near the capacity out of it that you would hope to.


But if you need to add some water to be able to cover those plates add the distilled water just to cover those plates and then you want to charge it up.

Don’t Want to Overfill Battery

You don’t want to overfill this battery.

If you fill that water up and then you charge it there’s going to be some expansion that the back he’s gonna leak you’re gonna lose the electrolytes and it’s gonna hurt the battery even more.

So get those plates covered and then hook it up to the charger.

So really the best way to charge up the battery though is just to plug in the RV.

So if you have the multi-stage converter it’s going to charge those up efficiently so that’s the best plan.

Get it charged up and then you could check the water level in it again if you needed to bring it up to a proper level for a healthy battery.

Why People Buy New Batteries Every Year

This is the big contributing factor to why so many people have to buy new batteries for the RV every year to two years.

They let that water level get too low and the plates are exposed or if the state of charge has been left too low for too long it does damage to the batteries.

So maintaining the battery during this time can keep you from having to buy new batteries sooner than you really have to.

Tips 2# Check Your Seals And Your Roof

Now the second good thing to do this time of year usually when we’re getting our RVs out is to check the seals.

We want to check the seals on the roof, we want to check the seals around the doors and the window.

rv seals on the roof

Look for any places that the water wants to penetrate the RV and cause damage and is it ultimately gonna cost you time and money.

So if we can get ahead of those things and pay attention to it during this time it’s going to save us at that time and the money to take care of it now.

Not To Use Roofing Tar Or Silicone

So my recommendation here is not to use just your typical roofing tar or silicone on the side of the RV.

Those things usually don’t hold up that well in an RV situation.

So use caulks from the RV store that is going to be approved for the type of surfaces that you’re putting them on.

So this is a topic that I want to dive into deeper later.

Outdoors In RV Situations

I’m trying to test as many of these types of caulk, and sand sealants as I can to see how well they hold up in the outdoors in RV situations.

Because it’s not fun to do this all the time and have it dried out and cracked and not flexible enough.

I’m trying to find the best sealants to recommend.

Tips 3# Check Your RV For Animal Activity

So moving on the third thing we can do for our RV.


Is to be able to check for any kind of critters that have been trying to make a home in our RV maybe in the offseason.

Cause A Lot Of Damage

So that’s everything from bugs to rodents they can cause a lot of damage.

If we can get in there and get them out before any more damage is done let’s be proactive on that.

So we don’t want the damage done to the RV that’s even harder and more work to take care of.

RVs are just like anything else you have to continue to maintain them and to take care of them so that you can still enjoy the RV for what it is.

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