Free Camping At Lake Havasu City Arizona For RV Lovers

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If you too are thinking of camping then this is the best place for your family and Friends.

Free Camping At Lake Havasu City Arizona

Free Camping At Lake Havasu City, Arizona For RV Lovers

Arizona 95

This BLM campground is located off of Arizona 95. Just one and a half miles north of Lake Havasu City Arizona.

BLM campground

The road throughout the campground is hard-packed dirt it’s not very well-maintained.

So it’s rutted and bumpy in spots and after about two and a half miles in it gets soft and spots and very reddit.

There are firings throughout this campground along with plenty of walking hiking and HOV trails here for you to fully enjoy your stay.

Located Right Off The Main Road

campsites main road

Most campsites are located right off the main road, but there are some a bit further back.

Some sites are a little washed out and we’ll need quite a bit of lulling while others are pretty level.

Past The Camp Post

easy enough for any sized rink

The first one and a half to two miles past the camp post are easy enough for any sized rink to get to.

But gets pretty rough after two and a half miles and you’ll need 4×4 and high clearance.

If you have a large rig with a towed vehicle that you can drive in instead.

I recommend defining your ideal spot because it’s really busy here and some spots are more difficult to get to than others.

You Must-Have License Number And Rig Description


You must check in with a camp host who will take down your license number and rig description along with your arrival date.

On a piece of paper that you need to keep in your vehicle so that when you leave to explore and come back you have proof you’ve already checked in.

There is a 14-day camping limit here and that’s how they keep track of it.

Once you turn from Arizona 95 you can’t camp anywhere within the first mile then you’ll come across the camp host who you check in with.


You can have anywhere from no signal to four bars of Verizon 4G depending on where you can’t appear.

“Where we camped we had one to two bars of Verizon 4G LTE coverage.”


An obvious pro of camping here is it’s completely free for 14 days.

While also being incredibly close to Lake Havasu City Arizona and tons of things to do.

You can also have a ton of fun here hiking the beautiful desert hills surrounding this wash or off-roading around the area.

Having a camp post here to enforce the 14-day rule and the 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. quiet hours and BLM officers patrolling around makes us feel very safe.

While also being able to camp a ways away from your neighbors.



This campground is very close to the airport so there can be a lot of airplane noise on some days and if you can’t right off the main road of the campground.

You’ll get quite a bit of noise from ATVs or exploring the area.

Don’t Have Any Signal

Another kind of staying here is that there are sites where you don’t have any signal.

This can be a plus for those of you wanting to get away from it all but it’s a con for us since we work on the road.


We found potable water and a dump station just eight miles away in Lake Havasu State Park for $15.

Unfortunately, it’s $15 even if you need to fill your water.

Find A Cheaper Potable Water Source

So if you can find a cheaper potable water source before arriving in Lake Havasu I’d recommend doing so.

download 21

We bought our groceries at Walmart in town just 1.7 miles away.


Through our trash away at the landfill in town 5.6 miles away for just six dollars.


And even received general delivery mail at the post office in town just 9.2 miles away.

That is all I have free today thank you so much for reading my campsite review.

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