8 Used Motorhomes For Sale By Owner Updated (2024)

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Nowadays everyone wants they have good motorhomes. But not everyone can buy expensive motorhomes initially.

That’s why we are sharing this list of 8 Used Affordable Motorhomes For Sale by owners with you. In which you will get all the features loaded. Here is our list of Used Teardrop Camper For Sale,

Will Used Motorhomes Be Worth Buying?

By the way, a lot of factors go into buying used motorhomes like Age and Depreciation. But if you look at it, used Motorhomes are not a bad investment.

Buying a used motorhome will be a perfect decision for you because it will cost you cheaper and you will also get the features at a lower price.

Note: The list of used motorhomes for sale by owners we are sharing with you is available now. But it may be that after some time it gets soldered.

If this happens then we will update you with the updated new list. You will also get this list at your email address. Let’s start our article.

8 Used Motorhomes For Sale By Owner

1. 2003 Damon Day Brake 33′ Motorhome

2003 Damon Day Brake 33' Motorhome

This is a 2003 Damon Day brake 33′ motorhome and it looks very nice.

It has 10 cylinders and its color is white. In this class C, you get one small kitchen and one bathroom.

In this, you have been given many features and you get a lot of space from inside. Its codification is also quite correct.

For the rest of its details, the owner will tell you. Its price is approx $14900.

  • Manufacture Date: 2003
  • Price: $14900

2. 2006 Coachman Motorhome

2006 coachman motorhome

This is a 2006 coachman motorhome and it is available in excellent condition, everything is working in it.

Its model number is 300qb and this motorhome is 30ft. With this, it comes with 10 cylinders and the transmission is automatic.

A generator is working properly and the V 10 engine is in it. Let me tell you that it has run 23,000 miles so far.

All its appliances are working properly and queen size bed is available.

This motorhome is worth it for you and it costs approx $20500.

  • Manufacture Date: 2006
  • Price: $20500

3. Motorhome 1996 Southwind

Used Motorhomes For Sale By Owner

This is a motorhome 1996 Southwind and you get it in good condition.

And talking about its features, you get a central heat/air rear unit new, a backup camera, a generator, a pop-out, one bathroom, and one big bedroom.

These motorhomes have run up to 50k miles and you get 8 cylinders in them.

Its white color looks great and its price is approx $15,000.

  • Manufacture Date: 1996
  • Price: $15,000

4. 1991 Gulfstream Ultra Supreme RV Motorhome

 1991 Gulfstream Ultra Supreme RV Motorhome

This is a 1991 Gulfstream Ultra Supreme RV Motorhome and it is Type C.

It is in good condition and has undergone several repairs. Its look is also perfect and its color is white.

Let us tell you that the owner has added some features like custom barrel locks to all outside bays and added storage under the dinette as well as a safe.

And it gets you One Big Bathroom and Bedroom. And this motorhome has run 75,000 miles so far. Its price is approx $13,900.

  • Manufacture Date: 1991
  • Price: $13,900

5. 1995 Fleetwood Southwind

1995 Fleetwood Southwind

This is a 1995 Southwind motorhome in pretty good shape. This motorhome has run up to 40,000 miles.

Talking about its features, you get a 5000-watt generator, full propane tank, new tires, shower/tub, good batteries, reverse cam, and two air conditioners.

This motorhome gets 8 cylinders and also gets one bathroom and bedroom space.

You get many more features in this, which is approximately $12,500.

  • Manufacture Date: 1995
  • Price: $12,500

6. 1989 Hawkins Motorcoach Motor Home

1989 Hawkins Motorcoach Motor Home

This is the 1989 Motorcoach motorhome and it looks quite attractive to look at. Its color is gray and it looks great on it.

You get backup cameras in it and the Tires in it are also in very good codification.

In this motorhome, you get queen walks around the bed in the back, a 3/4 sleeper sofa, a built-in coffee maker, a separate shower closet, a dinette with a recliner chair, and a microwave.

This motorhome will be perfect for you and its price is approx $11,500.

  • Manufacture Date: 1989
  • Price: $11,500

7. 1984 Winnebago M-420RG

1984 Winnebago M-420RG

This is a 1984 Minnie Winnie 20′ Class C Motorhome and it looks small but is loaded with features.

The owner has made some upgrades like new brake shoes, new tires, a new fuel tank, a new fridge, and many more.

All the batteries of this motorhome are working the root air is good, the water heater is fine, and the generator works fine. In this motorhome, you get 8 cylinders and its color is white.

It has driven 41,000 miles so far and is priced at approx $9,995.

  • Manufacture Date: $9,995
  • Price: 1984

8. 1996 Fleetwood Bounder 38z

 1996 Bounder 38z

This is a 1996 Bounder 38z Wide Body Motorhome and you get a Ford 460 460 CID V8 Gas Engine in it.

This motorhome is brown and it is quite big. In this, you get Dual A/C and Dual Propane Furnaces.

In this, you get a big size bedroom and one bathroom. And you also get a 100-gallon fresh Water System in it.

It is a Type Class A motorhome and measures 38′ x 102″ x 11’8″. The price of this motorhome is approx $14,500 which is the value of money for you.

  • Manufacture Date: $14,500
  • Price: 1996

I hope you like the Motorhomes For Sale By Owners list let us know if any of these motorhomes are sold, we will update this list later.

The listing in our post is updated, all these motorhomes are available now. If you want to know in your area then give us your address in the email. Thank you for reading this post and sharing this article on your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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      2. Looking for tv .not pricey have 2000 dollars want it to take my mother site seeing and traveling the world she wants to see before she passes away she has stage 3 cancer not expected to be with us but for a year maybe

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          1. Noel E EMORY, If you want to get your RV sold, we can help you. You can send your details to our contact us page.

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