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8 Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner $3000 Near Me

Today I am sharing with you 8 Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner $3000 Near Your City Florida, Houston, and Other County.

As you know, everyone thinks of buying the cheapest travel trailers and for this, you must have seen many sites.

8 Used Motorhomes For Sale By Owner In Cheap Price

But you do not get any good cheap deals in your budget.

But you do not need to worry, we will share a cheap Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner $3000 in your budget.

Used Travel TrailersPrice Under $3000
1989 Starcraft Starlite 21TD$ 3,000
Prowler Lynx by Fleetwood$2,900
Bumper Pull Trailer Catalina$ 1,200
1970 Highlow$2,900
1966 Ideal Travel Trailer $2,800

Why Should I Take This Used Travel Trailers?

Travel trailers are very compact homes and you can find them at reasonable prices. In this, you get a lot of options, which include a kitchen, bathroom, and a large space.

You have the advantage in use that you can buy your desired travel trailer brand cheaply. And you can use it for a long time.

8 Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner $3000


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If you are fond of a travel trailer then this trailer will be good for you. This is 2019 OTHER 6X12SA CARGO TRAILER which is quite cool to watch.

And now let’s talk about its features.

The condition of this trailer is new. And its model is 6X12SA CARGO TRAILER. Its category is (Cargo Trailer) and the serial number is 6X10SA CARGO TRLR.

Let’s talk about its location. It is in Winter Park, FL. And this price is $ 2,558. We have a lot of demand for Florida people.


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Many people live in the tension that we get good products on a good budget. So this trailer is quite right according to your budget.

This trailer is 2005 PALOMINO STAMPEDE and its color is white. Which makes it look very good.

Let’s see its features and price.
In this, you get a comfortable space and a great kitchen and bathroom are also attached. And let us tell you in advance that all the kitchen appliances in working condition.

And this trailer for sale price is $ 3,000 dollars.

3. 1989 Starcraft Starlite 21TD

1989 Starcraft Starlite 21TD
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This is 1989 Starcraft Starlite 21TD which is in very good condition. This is a folding camping trailer.
You get a 10-gallon freshwater tank and 8 lots of storage.

You will not have any problem if you take it on a long tour also. And It is available in the San Francisco location.

Let us tell you that its weight is 1200 lbs and tires are also new. Its price is $ 3,000 under your budget.

4. Prowler Lynx by Fleetwood

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Look This 1990 5th wheel and its model number is Prowler Lynx by Fleetwood.

It looks like a luxury type and the look of this 5th wheel is also very good from inside. And it is very light wight.

This trailer comes with 19ft size and dimensions. And it has been manufactured in the 1990s.

In it, 2 adults and 3 children can sleep comfortably. In this, you get a double kitchen sink and refrigerator with a small freezer.

Talking about the price, it is available at a very reasonable price. Its price is $2,900 dollars.

5. Bumper Pull Trailer Catalina

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This Bumper pull trailer Catalina has excellent condition and it’s manufacturer by Coachman.

The color of this trailer is white so that it looks good. And its space is also very big.

It is available in the Houston area and is priced at $ 1,200 dollars. To tell the truth, the price of this travel trailer is quite right according to its condition.


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You will find this 1997 SKYLINE RV SKYLINE NOMAD 27BH in WEST ALEXANDRIA, OH 45381 area.

Its color is white and in it, you get a small bathroom. Inside, the trailer has a wooden design that looks quite good.

It has a lot of space available and at least 4 people can sleep comfortably in it.

Its model is Skyline Nomad 27BH and the year is 1949. The condition of this travel trailer is very good.

Talking about the price, it will be available to you for $ 2,000.

7. 1970 Highlow

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This is the 1970 Highlow travel trailer and its height is 22 feet. And the location of this travel trailer is Dallas.

Its look is quite good and the color is white. You get a double sink and a three-way burner stove microwave.

This travel trailer is in good codification and its tires are clean and in working condition.

This travel trailer looks very comfortable from the inside and its price is around $ 2900.

8. 1966 Ideal Travel Trailer

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This mini cute travel trailer is a 1966 Ideal. It is in very good shape and is 50 years old.

It is quite old but still good maintenance. This approx is 15 feet long.

In this you get a bathroom and wooden interior is used in it.

The look is quite good and it is a mini trailer, so you will not have much trouble keeping the maintenance from it.

Its manufactured year is 1949 and the location of this trailer is in Seattle (Olympia). Its price is $ 2,800 only.

Should I buy Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner $3000?

I think yes, if you like this rate and feel good, then you should take it.
But before that, you have to get good information about it, so that you do not face any problems later.

Are Travel Trailers Worth It?

There are quite different factors in this. To buy a travel trailer, it is worth it and if you want to buy a new travel trailer, first find out all the details about it.

Hope you like this article. Due to this, mine has been written after giving a lot of time.

Right now these Used Travel Trailers are available, but later I do not know that they are not available.

By the way, I will keep updating this post. If any new used Used Travel Trailers comes, I will update it.


You will get this travel trailer for under 3000. And before that, you should have a good talk about it with the trailer contractor. And take information about every little thing.

If you are interested in these travel trailers, then comment to us, we will give you contact details in your email.

If you have any questions related to the Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner $3000 article, then comment us below. We will help you.

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133 thoughts on “8 Used Travel Trailers For Sale By Owner $3000 Near Me

    1. I live in Tacoma Washington and need a travel trailer, or an expensive motorhome.I need to take a disabled veteran to see The USA one last time. I need something very inexpensive , yet comfortable and reliable ,as I am not rich but I want to make this man’s wish come true !!! any help would be appreciated

          1. Interested in all the trailors where are they? I live in Az are any of them here.

  1. I left a message on your PM that I am interested in any of the trailers of the 8 available for $3000 or less. I am not interested in the tent trailer however, Thank- you. I of course would need to see the inside & any other information you have about them.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I would like to tell you that the price of this 1966 Ideal Travel Trailer is $2,800.

      Can you tell me which area you are in right now?

        1. Ohh sorry, motorhomes are not available in this area right now. If motorhomes will come in the future in this area then we will definitely contact you.

          1. Been looking for campers RV pull behind to live in. Must have bathroom shower and all. Looking for under $3 or $2000. Keep me posted. Live in Florida!!

  2. I’m interested in a travel trailer under 3000. I live in South Carolina. Can you help in this area? I like the looks of the one in Texas or something similar. . But I would like to see the inside as well. Thank you,

    Donna Hughes

    1. Thank you Donna for making your valuable comment. If you have a travel trailer in South Carolina, then email us on the contact us page. We will give you complete information related to your area.

  3. Im looking for a travel trailer to permanently live in forbless then $3000. Im a single 48 year old women in the process of getting a divorce. So I need something I can tow. I live in Tacoma,Wa. I need to move immediately. For im homeless and living in my car. Thank u. Dawn Stroud.

  4. can you please show pictures of the inside of all the trailors my son is looking for one.
    thank you brenda galloway

      1. I live in yelm washington I am looking for any trailer under 2000. A slide out would be great. Something clean and pictures of the inside would be helpful. Thank you.

  5. I am looking for a travel trailer for 3000.00 or under in california, oregon, nevada will even drive to idaho for right one, im homeless and need it to live in and tow while i look for a place to live

  6. Please send me information on these travel trailers for under $3,000. I live in Clearwater Florida. And I also would like to see what the inside looks like. Thank you love your site. 9

    1. Thank you for commenting Patricia. You will find a travel trailer in Clearwater Florida. We will send you all the details with pictures on your email.

  7. Yes I am looking for a travel trailer somewhere right around 3500 or last should be nice but in good shape Inside and outside told behind preferably Nice refrigerator interior Maybe an awning retractable I’m in California riverside Really look at hard now to find something

    1. Ralph Ashton Thank you for commenting on our website. Sir, the travel trailer is not available in California right now. Within 2 weeks travel trailers will arrive in this area. And we will inform you.

  8. Due to the covid. …my husband and I was told by our landlord of 9 years….thanks for paying my place off….now get out! We were given 30days to move….we have no where to go….so we need a camper/ RV asap.

      1. I am in grand junction co.
        Want a good condition trailer to live in. I cannot afford to fix up any damage like axels or water damage.

        Have a Nissan Titan to tow it. Truck is in great condition

  9. Hello, looking for an RV to live in, northern california area, price range $5000.00 and below, please no pop ups.

      1. I’m in central Oregon and I really need a travel trailer, the bigger the better . I just sold my 2016 32′ bullet rv and my needs have changed. I have a lot of things to bring. I can do some repairs. I have cash. I don’t mind traveling a little.

  10. Hello ,

    Are you still selling trailers for $3000 less , during the Pandamic. We are in need of a travel trailer preferably , that sleeps up to 4-6. Near or In Houston, Tx or Beaumont, Tx areas or as close as possible. We have property in both cities.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. All the campers in this area have been sold. In a few days, the camper will come to the Ocala FL area. We will give you an update.

  11. hi I m looking for a towable rv camper under 5000.00 in my erea
    32455 ponce de leon florida

  12. Great information, thank you. Do you know of any travel trailers for under 3,000 dollars near or in Jacksonville, FL? One for $1200 would be even better. An old one from the 60s or 70 would be cool. Or, modern, do you know of names, models, and years I could search for also?

    Thank you knidly.

  13. I’m interested in the Catalina. And would like to know if it’s still available. If so. could you send more interior and exterior pictures.

  14. Hello I am in Corpus christi area, Taft , and Portland..I would like to know if you have anything here in Texas .

  15. Thank you for this site. We were giving up on finding something we can afford. We are looking for around a 32 ft to live in full time. We are loosing our home of 16 years so need a place to live. We are in the Odessa TX area and hope to have around 5,000.00 to spend. My wife’s’ son has room for us to park it. Also looking for a 40 ft shipping container for see reason. Sure appreciate any help. Please leave our last name out of any postings.

    Thank you,

  16. Hi interested in the Catalina trailer for 1200.00 please call me at 7198900438 or 7198901214
    Thank you
    Robb Angel

  17. I am 74 with health issues and do not want to stay in hotels. Very much interested in Units under $3000. Please send info on #2, 3 and 5.

  18. About to trade in our house for a camper that can accommodate 2 adults, 2 LG dogs and a cat.
    Looking for: bumper pull, light weight, no slides/pop outs, max length 29′, max price $7000.00, ½ton towable, duel axle and delivery a plus, within 250 miles of Wichita Falls, TX.

    I’m really struggling to find anything that fits

  19. I am looking for a large RV to live in under $10,000 looking to live in South Georgia must be fully self-contained solar and Generator backup

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