5 Travel Tips With Plastic Bags To Use When You Pack For A Trip

Hey, there today I will share 5 Travel Tips With Plastic Bags To Use When You Pack For A Trip. Please read this complete post hope you like it.

These tips will help you save space by using plastic baggies to help you organize items in your suitcase.

As well as give you ideas for things to pack in those baggies that you may not have thought of.

Packing in a carry-on suitcase with strict airline requirements means space is limited.

So use plastic baggies do not use all of the original containers to pack your items.

5 Travel Tips With Plastic Bags

With these 5 travel tips you’re going to maximize the space that is in your carry-on suitcase and your personal item.

Travel Tip: 1# Use Bags to Pack Antibacterial Wipes

antibacterial wipes

Use plastic baggies to pack your antibacterial wipes in them.

The transportation security administration now will allow a huge tub of antibacterial wipes.

If you can find them in the store.

As well as a 12-ounce hand sanitizer bottle and that bottle does not count as liquids just so you know.

But instead of packing the hard shell container of wipes put them in baggies.

Divide Those Bags Of Antibacterial Wipes

Another tip is to divide those bags of antibacterial wipes among your family members.

So each person has multiple wipes for wiping down the seat belt buckle the tray table and different parts of the hotel room or the rental house when you first arrive.

Travel Tip: 2# Use Baggies For Pack Game Cards And Game Pieces

The number two travel tip that we use baggies for is to pack game cards and game pieces in.

So you do not have to pack the whole box that holds all the game pieces and the board for the board game.

This Family Feud Game all fits in one-gallon bag and I highly recommend the platinum edition.

But it’s great for older kids and teenagers and it is still clean.

Travel Tip: 3# Pack A Few Of Your Pills In Plastic Bags

The number three travel tip is to pack a few of your pills in plastic baggies.

They do not need to be pulled out in the TSA line.

You can pack in a pill box in a little envelope-type pill container box.

If you need to know how to pack liquid medicines or if you’re traveling with someone with a disability or EpiPen, insulin.

Travel Tip: 4# Using Plastic Bags

The number four travel tip with plastic bags is to use a gallon-sized bag to pack your jewelry and I mean long necklaces they get tangled so easily.

You would use the plastic baggie and roll it all the way up with the long necklaces at the very bottom and then you’re going to secure that gallon bag with very strong rubber bands.

Travel Tip: 5# Pack Snacks

The fifth way that i use bags when i travel is to pack snacks.

If you’re going to a conference by yourself you can portion control snacks for yourself during the day you can divide the snacks between children.

You can keep your snacks dry if you’re going to the beach that day.

Now you need to know that TSA came out with new screening procedures on how to pack your food when you go through the TSA line.

If you are at the beach another way you can use a baggie is to keep your phone dry and away from sand while you’re at the beach all day.

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