Best 6 Vintage Camper Brands With Camper Models

We will tell you in this article which are the 6 vintage camper brands and which will be the best.

As we are talking about vintage camper brands, you must be fond of old vehicles. By the way, it is also a good idea to have this type of camper.

If you are thinking of getting a vintage camper, it will make you feel nostalgic and get a different experience in it.

Although Vintage campers are known for their unique style and design, if you are thinking of buying them, then you may have to do some modifications to them.

Best 6 Vintage Camper Brands With Camper Models

Best Vintage Camper Brands

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Although there are many vintage camper-selling brands in the market, we will tell you about trusted and reliable brands which are known for their quality.

  1. Airstream: You must have heard of this brand, it has been providing its service since the 1930s and some of its famous models are Airstream Bambi, Airstream Flying Cloud, and Airstream Safari.

2. Scotty: This is also a famous brand of the 1970s and pretty famous for its compact campers. Some of its vintage camper models which are quite popular are Scotty Sportsman, Scotty Highlander, and Scotty Serro.

3. Shasta: This is a trendy brand from the 1960s and 1970s and is known for its quality and has some vintage camper models like Shasta Airflyte, Shasta Compact, and Shasta Loflyte.

4. Serro Scotty: This brand is also famous and manufactures lightweight campers. There are 2 well-known models of this brand, namely Serro Scotty Sportsman and Serro Scotty HiLander.

5. Winnebago: This brand has been making classic vintage campers for many years and has well-designed campers. Some of its models are Winnebago Brave, Winnebago Minnie Winnie, and Winnebago Itasca.

6. Aristocrat: This brand has been manufacturing vintage campers from the 1950s to the 1970s and is quite famous in the market. Some of its vintage campers models are Aristocrat Lo-Liner, Aristocrat Land Commander, Aristocrat Loafer, and Aristocrat Mainliner.

Is getting a vintage camper a good idea?

A vintage camper can be a great idea if you long for old classic-style campers.

By the way, the good thing is that you can customize and personalize these vintage campers according to your own. You will get good experience in this if you are thinking of getting this type of camper.

Vintage campers are very cost-effective compared to new campers and you get them easily. You can search for them in the online market like on Facebook and Craigslist.

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