Florida RV Insurance Cost and Info Full-Time RV Living

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What do you do to insuring your personal belongings?

I understand that insurance companies don’t want to cover full-time RV years no one talks about insurance.

You’re absolutely right and nobody talks about insurance.

Florida RV Insurance Cost and Info

Now I called the five major companies that you see on TV Geico, Foremost, State Farm, Progressive, and Nationwide.

And then I also called Good Sam’s is foremost which were some recommendations from some of our viewers.

Florida RV Insurance Cost

So we have comprehensive coverage, Collision, Personal effects, Roadside Assistance, and liability.

Some of the companies offered vanishing deductible other did not.

Collision Coverage

With collision coverage, this is going to cover you in the event that something collides with your RV.

RV collides

Or your RV collides with something else.

So if a vehicle hits your RV or you hit another vehicle, that is where collision coverage will come in.

So in that event, if you were to sustain damages from something like that occurring and you had a $500 deductible.

You would pay for the first five hundred dollars worth of damages and then your insurance company would step in and pay anything in excess over that.

Comprehensive Coverage

The comprehensive coverage will cover things that are more out of your control.

As Bad Weather, Hail Storms, Flooding, Fire, and animal run out in front of your vehicle and you hit it that’s what comprehensive coverage is covered.

Example Contract I Read Excluded The Following:

Another thing you want to keep in mind with the comprehensive coverage.

It’s not going to cover things like rodent damage to your RV or the heavy weight of snow on your RV, or your tires blowing out.

Comprehensive coverage isn’t going to cover we’re in the care of the vehicle those are things that you’re all responsible for in the event that that happened.

Personal Effects

Other covers that I had on with personal effects.

I got coverage up to $2,000, meaning that $2,000 worth of our belongings inside the RV would be covered as far as our clothes, jewelry, and any electronic equipment we have inside the RV.

Were covered up to $2,000 worth.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance I got coverage for up to $2,000.

Roadside Assistance

This is going to cover you in the event that you break down and have a flat, you need to be towed.

If something happens with your RV and you need to stay in a hotel for an extended period of time it’s going to help pay for the food and lodging.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance when I call it around I got one hundred thousand, three hundred thousand.

Liability Coverage is going to cover anyone’s property or person while they’re on your RV lot.

So while you’re out camping if somebody’s kid ran through a lot slipped and fell.

Then you could cover their medical bills of up to $1000 per person or $3000 per occurrence.

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