6 Used Enclosed Trailers For Sale Near Me By Owner

We are sharing with you 6 Used Enclosed Trailers For Sale Near Me By the Owner which you can get near your area. You will get these Used Enclosed Trailers in good condition. Also, share this post on social.

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Where will these Enclosed Trailers be found?

Your question must be where is the location of these Enclosed Trailers? Let us tell you that you will find these at different locations.

If you contact this, then we will send you all the details of the location and price. You will be able to deal by contacting the direct owner.

Note: Let us tell you earlier that these Enclosed Trailers are available now and they may be sold out after some time. But we will keep updating the list of updated newly used Enclosed Trailers.

6 Used Enclosed Trailers For Sale Near Me By Owner

1. Used 6×12 Enclosed Trailer

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This is an American Hauler 6×12 enclosed trailer and it is available in black and silver mixed colors. This trailer looks attractive and the space is also more in it.

Its condition is perfect and the condition of the tires in it is excellent. The owner has driven only a couple thousand miles of tires.

We have told you the size of this trailer. Its size is 6×12 and its model year is 2010. The model name of this trailer is Nighthawk.

Regarding the price of this enclosed trailer, the owner is asking for an asking price of $5,400 approx. This is a very good deal for you and your family.

2. Used 7×14 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

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This is a 7×14 Enclosed Trailer and it is quite big to look at it comes in Black/Silver color. You get a lot of space in this.

You get this enclosed trailer in good condition and this trailer was manufactured in 2006. The owner has mentioned that it has minor scratches which you can easily remove.

The tires are in good condition and hold good air. Otherwise, you also get an electric brake system in it. And you get double doors in its back.

You do not need to do pipe or plumbing work and you also get a solar panel system in it. There can’t be a better deal for you than this. We will share its price with you below.

3. Used 8.5 x 24 Homesteader Enclosed Trailer

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This is a Homesteader enclosed trailer and its shape is very good the condition of this trailer is also good.

The size of this enclosed trailer is 8.5’x24′ and its year of manufacture is 2020. And this trailer is also quite big in size.

Now talking about its features, you get a 5,000BTU room air conditioner, LED interior lights, Optima Yellow top battery, and others in it. The owner will tell you the rest of the features.

Its location is Columbia/Culleoka, Tn. If you live near this area, this will greatly benefit you. We will share its price with you in Connect.

4. (2022) Alcom Stealth Enclosed Trailer

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This is the used Alcom-Stealth trailer, which is 8.5′ X 24′ X 7′. By the way, this is a huge trailer and it also has a lot of features.

The color of this trailer is black and this trailer looks attractive. And in this BLACK RUBBER COIN FLOORING work has been done some time ago.

Talking about the features of this trailer, you get – 16 O/C Wall Studs, One Piece Aluminum Roof, 16 O/C Floor & Roof Studs, Screwless .030 Bonded Sides, and others.

There are many more features in this, will give you the owner details of the rest of the features. And let us tell you that you get aluminum construction in it.

You also get a good condition of the tires in this Enclosed Trailer trailer. Its price is affordable, this can be the best deal for you. We will send you the rest of the details.

5. CTE-84180 Enclosed Trailer

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This is CTE-84180 Enclosed Trailer and its size is very big and its color is white. Let us tell you that this trailer was manufactured in 2016.

The owner has done a lot of customization on it and the features are also available in it a lot. You can attach this trailer to any SUV and your RV.

In this trailer, you get Double side full escape doors, a Spare tire, and rack, Electric Tongue Jack, a Storage box on the floor, Double front entry doors, and many more.

The condition of this trailer is good enough as you can see in the photo and the tires are also in good condition. We will tell you the price details in the contact page.

6. Enclosed Race Utility Trailer

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This is the Enclosed Race Utility Trailer and it is available in white color. The size of this trailer is also big and the condition of the trailer is also good.

You will not get any leakage in this trailer and you will not even need to get it repaired, the owner has done a lot of work on it.

In this, you get many features which are a diamond plate floor, insulated walls & ceiling, a new electrical service panel, a new battery, and many more features.

If you want more information about this, then we will provide you, the owner has used this trailer only for one year and it can be a good deal for you.

We have shared these Enclosed Trailers with you, and hope you would have liked them. You will also definitely see this type of dump trailers related post and if we share this type of post even further, then comment to us below.

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