5 Bad Rving Habits That Just Needs To Stop As Soon As Possible

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about 5 Bad Rving Habits That Just Needs To Stop As Soon As Possible. Things that you do are just bad habit that just needs to stop really. Hope you read this complete article.

5 Bad Rving Habits That Just Needs To Stop

1. Not Getting Lazy About The Setup Process

Bad Rving Habits

The first one is not getting lazy about the setup process.

If you’re pulling into a place with hookups check that power pedestal before you pull into that site it’s a good habit.

It’s a bad habit not to check it before you pull into the site.

You might waste all this time getting set up and situated into that site as you would like and then find out that the pedestal is miswired or there’s an issue there.

Check Electrical Before Pull In

So doing your check on the electrical before you pull in.

And then when you get pulled in, take a measuring tape if you’re close on something.

To make sure that your slide is going to clear that your awning can open if you’re hoping to do that.

Just have that tape measure handy it’s a good habit to have to be able to check those things before you disconnect the vehicle.

If you have a travel trailer or a fifth wheel and then you need to move it after you’ve disconnected.

Keep A Tape Measure Handy

One of the things that I do to help me with this one is I keep a tape measure really handy.

So then i don’t have an excuse for checking the clearances.

So I keep a really small one in the door of the truck so when we get there it’s just easy to pull out I don’t have to go digging for it it’s just always on hand.

2. Finding Best Place For Setup RV


The next thing is not taking the time to get out of your vehicle when you get to a new place and finding what would be the best place for you to set up your RV.

Where’s going to be a good place for me to sit where I can enjoy the area I won’t be in people’s way and it will help me level the RV.

Finding That Somewhat Level Spot

Finding that somewhat level spot will help you get your RV level quicker rather than trying to fight against the slope of an area.

So breaking that bad habit of not getting out of the vehicle by getting out of the vehicle kind of surveying what would be good for me, for others, and for the RV.

Leveling your RV is going to be better for your fridge too so that’s another bad habit is not leveling your rv.

If you want to level your RV it’s more comfortable it’s better for the fridge it’s just a good habit to have.

3. Auto Leveling And Stabilizer Jack

 Auto Leveling And Stabilizer Jack

Now along with that same thought of leveling, there are a couple of different systems there’s auto-leveling and then there’s a stabilizer jack.

So an auto-leveling system it’s a bad habit to let your wheels come off the ground and not block and chalk them.

You can get away with it and not do any damage but you might come across that situation where there’s enough lateral pressure on that auto-leveling system.

That you bend it or damage it and then on the stabilizer side where we just have stabilizers on our RV those aren’t intended to lift the RV.

So if you over-crank those you can damage those as well.

Knowing Your System And Having The Proper Use

So knowing your system and having the proper use of it not having the bad habit of trying to lift your RV with stabilizer jacks.

Or the bad habit of lifting wheels off the ground with auto-leveling and not blocking and chalking properly.

4. Putting Too Much Stuff In Your RV

It’s so easy to overload RVs because the tolerances usually there do not have a huge margin.

So overloading your RV or not weighing your RV not knowing how much weight you have in there then it’s even easier to overload.

Overload The Fridge

Another thing that’s easy to overload is the fridge it’s easy to stuff it and put too much stuff in there to where it’s not going to function properly.

So it’s easy to overpack them because they’re usually not that big unless you put them in a residential refrigerator.

But it’s easy to want to pack in enough food for the week and then overstuff it.

So don’t overstuff your RV fridge.

5. Mishandling Of The Drain Hose

Now the last one might be more of a pet peeve.

So the last one is the mishandling of the drain hose.

I’ve seen people put this on picnic benches or they put it up to the freshwater spigot at the RV site and they clean it out.

So really it’s just that same thought of leaving a sight better than you found it it may not be leaving trash.

But cleanliness is thinking about somebody else using that picnic bench or that water spigot after just having it clean.

So just mishandling of the drain hose.

So I think that’ going to do it for today thank you for reading this article please like and share this post. If you have any doubt about this topic, en comment with us.

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