Best Dump Trailer Brands With Models For Value For Money

Yes, you too might be confused about which are the best dump trailer brands and which brand of dump trailer I should buy which will be value for money in the long term.

Although many brands in the market manufacture dump trailers, we will tell you about only 5 brands. We will share with you 5 dump trailer brands and their high-selling dump trailers.

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Note: Although many dump trailer brands come and go in the market, we are telling you about these 5 brands that have been in the market for a long time and you can buy any of them confidently. However, if you are looking for commercial use, then initially it would be best to buy a low-budget used dump trailer.

Best Dump Trailer Brands

Best Dump Trailer Brands

1. Big Tex Trailers

Big Tex Trailers: This is a trusted and old brand among dump trailer brands. This brand has been manufacturing all types of trailers since 1982.

There are many dump trailers of this brand which include 10LX, 10SR, 14GX, 14OD, 16LP, and 20GX. Although all these dump trailers are good, the one that sells the most is the dump trailer 16RB.

Dump Trailer 16RB Specification

  1. Width: 83″
  2. Length: 14′
  3. GVWR: 17,500 lbs
  4. Cargo Capacity: 13 lbs
  5. Price: $27775

2. Bri-Mar Trailers

Bri-Mar Trailers is also a well-known DUMP TRAILERS manufacturing company and has worked in the market since 1995. The dump trailers of this company are known for their build quality and design.

The famous dump trolley of this company is DTR510LP-10, this dump trailer is of the right size and is the perfect choice for commercial use.

Well, they have many other dump thrillers like DTR610D-7, DTR610D-5, and DTR610D-3 but it all depends on your usage.

Dump Trailer DTR510LP-10 Specification

  • Width: 72″
  • Length: 10′ 0″
  • GVWR: 10,000 LBS
  • Capacity: 3.3 cubic yds
  • Price: $8,595 to $10,000.0 Approx

3. Loadtrail

Loadtrail is also a good company known for making its HIGH-QUALITY & durable trailers. Their support is also good and their tractor gear is also available at good price rates.

Although they also have a lot of dump trailers and all of them are good, among these, the DZ21 dump trailer is in high demand and its resale value is also good. The special thing is that you get their dump trailers in 17 different colors.

Dump Trailer DZ21 Specification

  • Width: 96.00″
  • Length: 96″ X 12′
  • GVWR: 14,000 lb
  • Capacity: 5.33 cubic yds
  • Price: $16999.99

4. Diamondc

Diamondc: You might have heard its name, this company works a little differently. The looks of its dump trailer are quite good and are also compatible.

Although it also has good dump trailers, there is one dump trailer that is famous and that is (SINGLE AXLE TELESCOPIC DUMP TRAILER), its look is quite different.

Dump Trailer Single Axle Telescopic Specification

  • Width: 60″
  • Length: 8′
  • GVWR: 6,000 lb
  • Cargo Capacity: 2.2 cubic yds
  • Price: $9,304

5. Sure-Trac

Sure-Trac: This Is A Very Old Brand And Its Trailers Are Very Light And Durable Too. The Build Quality Of Its Dump Trailers Is Good And Maintenance Is Also Easy.

They Have Many Hydraulic Dump Models In Dump Trailers Like “Utility Dump”, “Sd Low Profile Dump”, “Sd Deckover Dump”, and “Pro Series Super Duty Dump” But Their Pro Series Telescopic Dump With 4′ Sides Is Quite Famous.

In this series, their STBTL48214-BP-154 model comes, which is good for commercial use and its resale value is also good.

Dump Trailer STBTL48214-BP-154 Specification

  • Width: 82″
  • Length: 169″
  • GVWR: 6,000 lb
  • Price: $15,695


We have told you about dump trailer brands: Big Tex Trailers, Bri-Mar Trailers, Loadtrail, Diamondc, and Sure-Trac. These brands have been in this industry for a long time. We have told you about their models along with their prices and other specifications.

However, if you want to get these trailers for any commercial work, you can initially consider used dump trailers and get them at cheap prices. Perhaps this article has attracted us too much. Thank you

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