Five Things I’ve Learned From Camping At RV Parks

Five Things I’ve Learned from Camping at RV Parks Olivia. We love free camping out in nature, but we also stay at RV parks. You will read this post completely and you will like it and share it on social media.

There are some pretty important lessons that we’ve learned along the way from those experiences today that’s what we’re sharing with you.

Five Things I’ve Learned From Camping At RV Parks

1# Rv Parks Are Expensive

Today let’s get into the lessons we learned from camping at RV parks lesson number one.

Probably the harshest one to learn out of the gay is that RV parks are expensive.

“When Olivia and I first started RVing five years ago we had no previous RV experience”

That means we did not understand that RV parks actually cost a lot of money.

I thought since we owned an RV all we’re doing is parking somewhere maybe we’ll pay 15-20 bucks a night.

That can be true at a state park occasionally.

But if you’re staying at an RV park chances are you’re paying 40 to 60 bucks a night.

We’ve paid over a hundred bucks a night sometimes.

RV Parks Are Not Inexpensive

RV Parks

So RV parks are not inexpensive they are actually quite expensive if you plan on full-time RVing or even if you’re just taking a vacation and staying in a prime spot.

If you don’t have much experience right now with RVing and you want to get into it keep in mind that RV parks aren’t going to be cheap do a little front-end research.

So you can either bake that into your budget or you can take advantage of free camping which is what we like to do.

2# Space Is Tight

The number two lesson is that space at RV parks is pretty tight RV parks unlike state parks or national parks are in it to make money.

rv parks

So they’re gonna pack in the sites like sardines, it’s so rare that we get to an RV park and check in and the sites are actually spacious.

Even though you might have a paved pad you might have full hookups that doesn’t mean your neighbor’s going to be 40 feet away your neighbor could quite possibly be six feet away.

If you have slides out they could be two feet away.

The spots are packed in pretty tight; you won’t get much privacy at an RV park.

But you will get the amenities you need to have full hookups.

3# Not Always Welcome

The number three lesson that we learned from camping at the RV park and one of the harshest.

We’re not always welcome

  • Under 55
  • RV Over 10 Years
  • Dogs or Cats
  • No, A Motorhome

We’re under 55, our RV is over 10 years old, and we have a dog all of these things are reasons why RV parks will potentially deny us and not want us to camp in their park.

And even some parks are airstream exclusive or motorhome whole meaning no other types of RVs can enter.

So just because an RV park is in business doesn’t mean you’re welcome.

4# RV Park Wi-Fi Stinks

The number four lesson we learned is that RV park Wi-Fi is notoriously bad.

We’ve stayed at a handful of RV parks, possibly five or fewer over that five-year span that had actually usable wi-fi.

Other than that we’ve stayed at 50-plus RV parks that have had amazingly awful wi-fi.

Even though they advertise that they have free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi doesn’t mean good Wi-Fi and our travels that’s why we invested in an RV cell booster.

These cell boosters boost our sell signal for our cell phone or cellular hotspot if we have it.

That means we can be in control of our own cellular destiny and we don’t have to rely on RV park wi-fi.

I highly encourage you to get our RV cell booster if connectivity is important to you.

Because that is our lifeline to staying connected because RV park Wi-Fi is not cutting it for us.

5# Some Parks Are Worth It

The number five lesson that we learned from RV parks is that some RV parks are worth every single cent.

We stayed at a few RV parks one of them is flying flags out in California.

Another one is the french quarter RV resort.

Both of those have rates that can get up to a hundred-plus dollars.

And honestly, we’ve enjoyed paying for some of those rates.

RV resort

In the instance of flying flags in California, they have so many amenities and multiple resort-style pools.

They have cabanas, they have beautiful facilities, hosting, outdoor movie night, outdoor fire pits restaurants on-site, and a wine offering on-site.

That’s worth every penny to us.

download 2

For the french quarter RV park in New Orleans, we could walk to bourbon street saving potentially 20 bucks a day on either getting a cab into town or paying for parking.

So the cost can break even and the walking distance really played to our advantage.

So just because RV parks are expensive doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t worth it.

Those are the five lessons we learned, let us know some of the lessons that you’ve learned with RV parks.

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