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5 Used Campers For Sale Under 2000 Dollars Buy Near Me

Today I am sharing 5 Used Campers For Sale Under 2000 Dollars with you, which will be found in your near area, maybe you will like them. In this, you will find campers quite good.

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Nowadays everyone goes on a long vacation and if you do not have a good quality camper then you may have a lot of difficulty in your journey.

We are sharing campers with you, these are used campers and you can buy them from the direct owner. We will provide links to details of all campers.

Right now we are sharing a Total of Five Campers, we will update the rest of the list or you can contact us for the rest of the list on our contact page.

The quality of these campers is also very good, you will definitely like them. And in this, you will get the space according to your need, which will make your vacation journey quite comfortable and you will not have any problem.

The best thing about these campers is that you will find them in your budget under $2000.

Note: These campers are currently available and may be sold after some time. So you will not take tension, contact us, we will give you the details of the available campers.

5 Used Campers For Sale Under 2000 Dollars Near You

1. 2015 Rockwood

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This is the model 2015 Rockwood Camper and it is 18 feet. It looks very good looking.

In this, you get a very good space and Sleeping Capacity is 4.

It is good to see from the inside and you get very good features in it. The condition of its tare is also good.

Talking about the weight of this trailer, this is 520 kg and 1147 lbs and dry weight:2098.

Right now the price of this camper is going on 2000 dollars and it is available on eBay and other websites. But maybe its price is increased, if you like it, then you will see it.

VIN 4X4CPR21XFD292416

2. Tioga Arrow 1978

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This is Tioga Arrow 1978, which is very funky in appearance. All the electrical things are working properly in this.

There is a small problem with this, its hot water is not working, which you can fix. There is no problem with the rest.

Its color and condition are very good and inside the camper is a very good condition.

The demand of its owner is $ 1800, but if you talk to their owner, you can also reduce some price.

RV TypeClass C

3. Vintage 1968 Shasta Starflyte

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This is a vintage 1968 Shasta Starflyte with a good finish. This camper is in good condition to see. But it is very old.

You can modify it according to yourself. So that its beauty and glory will increase.

In this, you get laminate floors, the green glass panel in the front window. Space is also very good in this camper.

Talking about the price, you get it at a very reasonable price. You will get this camper for $ 1,900.

ModelVintage 1968 Shasta Starflyte
RV typeTravel Camper
Price$ 1,900

4. 1970 La Cabana

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It is like many old-type campers but it looks like its condition is right.

You can recreate it and you can make it very good by making a nice color and smashing modifications inside.

The location of the camper is Los Angeles. If this area is near your area then you can think to buy this.

Its price is $ 2,000 which according to me is quite right and also within your budget.

RV Type Travel Trailer
Price$ 2,000

5. 1975 Ideal Camper

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This is a 1975 Ideal camper and its length is approx 22ft. The condition of this camper is quite good inside and outside.

In this, you get a refrigerator, toilet/shower and it has at least 4 sleep spaces.

The condition of the tires is excellent, and the owner said that the tires were changed a few years ago.

Its location is Monte Rio, CA. If you are near your area, you will see it.

The price of this camper is under 2000 dollars. And at this price, it is a very good deal.

Price $1,750

Hope you like this post and we will provide you links to all campers. If you like this post, then definitely share it on social media. If you have any doubt related to this topic, then comment us.

224 thoughts on “5 Used Campers For Sale Under 2000 Dollars Buy Near Me

          1. I have to leave my house and I need to secure a small camper. I’m very limited on funds. Anything in North Florida for around $1500 that can be lived in? Im disabled so I’m not able to do alot of work but I’m willing to do what I can on it.

      1. Looking for a livable Rv to live in with a pop out for around 2500$ Around the Abilene Texas area

        1. I am also looking for an RV that I can live in would like to spend about 2,000 to to$2,500 small San Antonio Texas please reply

      2. I’m a 59yr old woman looking for a camper-rv to buy and live in. ButI am on a fixed income and only have 2,000.

          1. I’m also interested in a small rv to live in for my family, for $1000.00 – $2000.00 range… Class C RV is my preference of choice…

            I live on Long Island, anything in this area available, thank you..

          2. I’ve got an eviction notice today and desperately need a camper for $1500 please contact me

      3. KC Missouri.So I’m looking in the $3000 range that tells you I don’t have much money! Infact I’ve got $4,000 and want a small older motorhome.If you can help me out in any way it would be greatly appreciated.

        1. I need a 15′ pull behind trailer. Kitchen area, air, bathroom big enough for essentials. Single person, no family or kids, just one dog. Not much traveling just local fishing holes. Thanks

      4. Need rv $2,000 top
        Everything MUST work. Will be living in it for awhile.
        Please call cheryl at 619-806-6243

      5. I started a boat project in the Bayarea CA still unfinished I now am selling or trade for a cozy RV I have minimal storage space so I’m looking for opportunities locally

      6. Needing a livable trailer (not a pop up) for around 1500$ for me and my cats. I’m in Lubbock, Tx but could possibly travel up to 300miles away to view/possibly purchase IF worth it. Can’t afford it otherwise.

      7. I live in Oroville cal. And I am desperate for a trailer or 5th wheel in the range of 3000 or less please I’m 60 and can’t do alot of repairs thank you hope there’s some one out there you can help me

      8. I am looking for a used travel trailer under 2000.00 if you have something just hit me up mccalla al . For home use

      9. I need a camper I can live in with my husband and 2 dogs I am on fixed income and I have about 1000 to 1500 I can afford. I am in Dallas texas

      10. Please note that i have a mother that has a physical handicap, therefore she is wheelchair bound. She will be traveling with me at all times thank you

      11. Wilmington Ohio Hillsboro Ohio Greenfield Ohio Sabina Ohio Dayton Ohio Columbus Ohio Cincinnati Ohio

    1. Are you still selling the camper f$1500? If he so where my I go to look at it. I’m in Grand Prairie Texas. Where are you located?

    2. I am in the Atlanta Ga area, do you know of anything near me of like these that can come to me? I kind of like that funky one. Thanks, kevin

    3. I’m homeless in Jackson county Mississippi and need a camper for as cheap as possible or I can make payments no higher than 300 month.

  1. Desperately seeking RV under $2000 with bathroom, near North Texas (but willing to drive for pick up if it’s what I’m looking for!) Please email me! Our rental is being sold and we have only 2 weeks to move!

    [email protected]

  2. I’m 66 disable and widow. I moved from Lubbock last June and I can’t afford a apartment. So I’m desperate I really want to be on my own again. Please help me..
    My son in law can pull it with his truck.
    Please send me pictures and your location. Thank you in advance

  3. Looking for a pull behind preferably hybrid not total pop up camper in Indiana under $2500 with a bathroom and ac. Really need 24ft or less and under 4000lbs. Please help.

  4. Looking for a small camper, pull behind type. Sleeps 2-4 people would be fine.
    Price range 1000.00
    I live near Somerset, Ky.

  5. I’m looking for a good camper that big n space 4 4 people with bathroom kitchen n bedrooms n bout 35ft n no more than 1000 4 it I’m disabled n single mom with 2 kids I live in west Virginia

  6. looking for camper for grandson to live in. must be ready to go condition, wIll pay cash in about 10 days. Do not contact unless under 5 thousand.

  7. Y husband & I have fallen on hard times during the last year & a half. We are living in our car & showering at our daughters home in Hooks, Texas.I have been trying to find a camper affordable enough or even cheaper than that, for us to live in. A bit of comfort in our lives would really help us. We li be in the Texarkana, Texas &Arkansas area thank you for your time.. Doug and Dora Jones

  8. Need RV travel trailer for disabled Vet & wife. Bathroom and good bed a must For $2000 or under. We’re located in Western Montana.
    Appreciate your help.

  9. I’m interested in an RV big enough for a family of five. Looking for a class C. Planning to gut the inside and customize to what we need, so interior doesn’t matter. Looking to spend as little as possible. Would you be able to help?
    Camper #2 on this list looks promising. Is it still available and where is it located? Willing to travel to pick it up.

  10. Bumper pull Campers fifth wheel camper RV motorhome needed asap livable conditions and good shape. Live off the grid 2000 or less ft Myers Florida, north port Florida area

  11. Looking for a RV, travel trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome, with no or very little damage…nothing to small, must have a bathroom/shower, and kitchen. Around 3000 or less in Utah…

  12. I am looking for a travel trailer about 25-28 ft. Long. No more than 5000lbs wt. Fully contained. Everything working. Queen Size Bed.one End….preferably shower..not tub…Sleeps 2-4….Sofa…Fold up Kitchen Table..Low Priced
    $2000 Range…

      1. Hi my name is Justin you can email me I am looking for a trailer right away need a place to live around $3,000 are less and contact me anytime and I prefer around the Houston or Dallas-Fort Worth area but just in like a 300 mi radius around Houston would be great so please contact me definitely need a place to have a home in a camper times are hard thanks [email protected]

  13. looking for nice small camper in the $2000 price range in michigan near west branch michigan but will travel a little ways to pick up

  14. Looking for RV/Camper under $3K that can be lived in, runs well and has a bathroom/shower in Los Angeles, CA. Thank you

  15. Looking for a small camper to use as an office. Don’t need much space. $1000-$1600 range if possible, in Fort Worth.

  16. I need a 22- 24 ft. Motorhome ASAP for under $2000. I have been looking at a 23ft. Tioga Arrow supposedly for sale on Google, but have been unable to locate the seller.

  17. Looking for a foldout camper in the West Michigan-Northern Indiana area used in excellent condition like a Jayco Jayn 12UD or Coachman Clipper 125ST for example. Retired couple with a 3000 -3200 pull weight.

      1. Hi my is nettie Woods I live in niles Michigan I am looking for a use RV trailers a older one under $1,500

  18. Oh yeah the RV and the new one built and added to a trailer also the RV with the greffti drawings if you are able to allow a 2 payment or 3 payment then you have a deal # 213-466-9587or email me

  19. looking for a cheap camper pull behind for my son who is homeless. he has disabilities
    and is currently living in someone’s shed. I live in the houston texas area.
    please send me information


  20. Hey there, I’m looking for a livable RV. I’m looking to move into one ASAP. My budget is $2500

    I live in Brooklyn, New York. Are there any more available? I’m also willing to travel for a well functioning one.

  21. I am looking for a liveable travel trailer under 4,000 lbs and under $3,000.
    It should sleep 5, as I have 3 children.
    I am in the Grand Rapids, MI area.
    😊Thanks 😊

  22. I understand that there is a list of new motorhomes for sale could you send me a list to my email that would be great cheap ones under 2,000 please if they’re are ones thanks

  23. Central Texas location. In need of camper , used . Fixer upper. 1000 is max budget. Please help. Thank you.

  24. Hello looking fo a rv under 2000 that can be lived in at a campsite I’m in Jacksonville Florida

  25. any teardrop campers or driveable small campers available in south carolina near columbia/north carolina near charlotte $4000 and under

  26. Live in northern Tampa. Need trailer in good condition and that will take payments over time. I will have $2500 in 2 weeks. Bumper pull with shower approximately 20+feet. Thank you.

  27. Looking for RV under $5,000. Please contact me with any available travel trailers. Only interested in towable travel trailer.

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