7 Things That Will Help You Monitoring Your Home – RV Travel Tip

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Wherever you travel, your home is the most important for you.

So you’ve been planning the big RV trip for a while. You made a way to spend an extended time away from home either working remotely or just being off the clock.

7 Things That Will Help You Monitoring Your Home

You’re really looking forward to exploring the great places out there.

But wait what about the house how do we ensure everything is okay at home while we’re on the road having fun.

7 Things That Will Help You Monitoring Your Home

1. Video Doorbell

The first thing we want to talk about is a video doorbell.

Video Doorbell

Now what I mean by this is either the ring doorbell or the nest hello doorbell generally.

You know this enables you to see who’s at the front door and it’ll capture short videos when there’s motion at the front door which is really important.

Of course, you need to be careful with the sensitivity. Especially if you’re pointing to a busy road.

You know one of the very nice things about having a ring doorbell or a front door Bell camera is it’ll tell you when packages are dropped off.

For Example:

So for example say you mistakenly send a package to your default Amazon address when you’re away now that can happen easily if you don’t change your address.

Or someone says a family member or friends send you a package to your house address while you’re away.

The important thing here is that you can see when these packages are dropped off and that can alert you to a situation that you may have to deal with while you’re away.

Answer The Doorbell

Also, you can actually answer the doorbell when someone rings it.

Making it appear that you’re actually at home and there can be a little delay and bandwidth with this so it may not work as well as you might think it does like on the commercials.

But generally, if someone rings the doorbell you can actually answer it when you’re away.

Snow Services or Lawn Services

The next thing that a ring doorbell actually does is it allows you to see when or if say snow services or lawn services are being carried out.

It’s very important you know so that someone who’s doing services on your house can’t claim that a service was done when it actually didn’t happen.

You know if you have a ring doorbell pointing to the front of your yard you’ll see when someone comes and does services.

So it’ll ensure that services are being performed when they’re supposed to be.

Tip: Good Internet And Fast Wi-Fi Router

So here’s a tip you got to have good internet and fast Wi-Fi router for this to work well.

And remember don’t unplug it accidentally before you leave the house.

2. Wifi Camera

51fpWdC gaL. AC SL1500

So the second thing about guarding the home front is Wi-Fi cameras.

So these can allow you to see inside and outside the house when you’re away.

You know both ring and Google have indoor and outdoor cameras that hook up to their systems.

Easily See Inside Or Outside Your House

So you can actually see what’s going on inside or outside your house.

They’re also available from other vendors and so you need to look at that some of them are quite a bit more cost-effective.

It allows you obviously to monitor what’s going on inside and outside the house and you can record video when motion is detected.

Tip: Place For Inside/Outside View

So here’s a tip about this, make sure you put the camera where it can swivel.

If it’s a swivel type camera and can actually see both inside and outside the house if you want to keep your camera expenses to a minimum.

3. Weather Station

The next thing number three we’re going to look at is a weather station.

So a nice weather station will keep you aware of internal and external temperatures in and around your house.


It’ll actually show you this so you can see it, it allows for visual monitoring of the temperatures via the forum mention and Wi-Fi camera.

Tip: Replace Battery Before Leaving

The tip here is to make sure the battery for the external sensor is replaced on your weather station before you leave for your trip.

4. Water Alarms

Water Alarms

Okay, the fourth thing we’re going to look at is water alarms.

Now, this can save you from a water disaster, you can buy a small Wi-Fi-enabled water alarm at a big-box store.

That will send a message to you if the alarm has sounded.

Now the way they work is that if you have a water issue on a floor say in a basement floor you can put an alarm there and if water contacts the alarm it’ll go off.

If you’re in the house these will be pretty loud by the way.

“Now I have them placed near my water heater and other areas in the foundation of the house where I may have an issue in a monumental rain event.”

Tip: Test/Replace Batteries

So here’s a tip test the alarms and replace the batteries before you leave on your big trip.

5. Programmable Lights

Ok, the fifth thing to look at is programmable lights.

These will make your house look like it’s lived in while you’re gone.

Now you can use the basic timer lights for interior lights the problem here is that it will cause the lights to come on at the same time every day.

timer lights

The better timers are actually ones that replace light switches and have a random vacation mode.

They work well for outdoor lights if you put them on a dusk-to-dawn setting for your front porch for example.

They also work very well for interior lights and random mode.

The ladder can be expensive but are an excellent security precaution.

Tip: Invest For Greater Effect

So here’s a tip from the site on which lights to invest more in for greater effect.

For Example, you don’t want to put one of these timers on a basement light for example but ones that can be seen from the outside.

6. NextDoor

So let’s look at the six things that is next door.

Now next door is kind of like a Facebook for your local neighborhood.

It allows you to monitor neighborhood issues.


Okay, it lets you keep track of neighborhood news events and issues.

“Now I check next door every so often to see if anything’s going on in my local neighborhood.”

It provides a way for private messaging to close-by neighbors if something’s going on.

Tip: Avoid Broadcasting the Absence

So here’s a tip avoid broadcasting your absence to the entire neighborhood.

I really use next-door just to monitor what’s going on I really don’t post a lot of things while I’m away more on this later.

7. Mail On Hold

So the seven things we’re gonna look at is putting your mail on hold.

This will allow you to hold your mail at the post office so that it doesn’t accumulate at the house.

Mail On Hold website

Now the United States Postal Service allows for a 30-day mail hold.

If you decided to a longer trip than 30 days you may need an alternative versus multiple 30 days holds.

You can have mail forwarded but you know it only works if you’re going to be at one location while away.

There are also paid services that will accumulate and send your mail but that’s not in the scope of this article.

Tip: Setup 30-Day Holds Online

So here’s a tip if you’re going to be gone less than 30 days you can set up an online hold.

For more than 30 days talk to your local postmaster about options.

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