6 Tips Of Motorhome Insurance That Can Save Your Money

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6 Tips For Motorhome Insurance That Can Save Your Money

6 Tips Of Motorhome Insurance

Do You Need A Second Policy

Let’s get started so insurance gets onto a few very common questions that we can ask firstly do you need a second policy?

Yes, you do need a separate policy for your back or just like do for any other car or van or anything you’ve got.

So you will need a dedicated Motorhome insurance policy.

Exactly like with a car, there are three levels that have come out you’ve got the third party only the third party of fire and theft saying that very properly.

And then also you’ve got fully competitive.

So it’s up to you what type of Motorhome Insurance that you decide to go for.

Tip #1: European Cover

So things to consider why please save yourself some money on your motorhome insurance Firstly European cover are you traveling to Europe this year?

If you’re not then you don’t need to be insured for Europe.

Now many providers give you a small amount of European cover as standard.

But there’s no point paying extra for 180 days in Europe if you’re not planning on going this yet.

So have a look and if you don’t need it then maybe you can downgrade your cover and save yourself some money that way.

Tip #2: Motorhome Security

 Motorhome Security

Second thing security what security devices do you has fitted.

Do you have any extras that your motorhome insurance company will approve and will lower the risk and therefore the cost that you pay on your motorhome?

Along those lines as well.

Motorhome Storage

If you’re keeping your motorhome parked outside your house.

Is it worth paying for secure storage?

“We paid about 70 pounds a month for motorhome storage and this was with a proper locked dated Motorhome storage facility”.

That was approved by our insurer not all of them are so make sure you check that before you start signing any contracts.

But if you can find one that it’s got space in the South of England they like Goldust trying to get a Motorhome storage space.

If you feel that it’s worth that amount of money on a monthly basis then it’s definitely worth telling your motorhome insurance provider and they might be to reduce the cost for you as well.

Tip #3: Drive Less

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Also, drive less you’ve all been driving a lot less lately.

But the lower your yearly mileage is to your insurance the less they will charge you because you’re not driving so much obviously.

Ways Of Checking These Things

However, don’t just say you’re gonna drive a thousand miles a year and then drive 10,000 miles a year because they do have ways of checking these things.

So make sure that you’re being accurate but if you aren’t driving very much it’s worth possibly telling them and they might be able to reduce your premiums a little bit that way.

Tip #4: Safety Measures

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Feature reversing camera or a rear parking sensor.

Many insurance companies will take these into account and will reduce your premium accordingly.

So if you’ve got one fitted it’s worth telling them if not it might be worth thinking about getting one of fit.

Tip #5: Build Up Your No-Claims Discount

Many insurers will take a long car driving history into account.

If you’ve got that you might be able to use some years against your motorhome especially if you’re a brand new motor homeowner you can often do that’s how we started.

And then obviously it builds up and builds up each year try and find an insurance provider who will give you a discount each year that you don’t have a claim.

Tip #6: Change Your Excess Amount

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Look at how much excess you are paying you can reduce your monthly premiums by agreeing to pay a higher excess price.

But obviously, of course, you’ll need to pay that higher excess price if you have any claims in the future.

So it’s a way of something for you to consider but that’s definitely another way of reducing your premium on a monthly basis.

So those were some tips to help you try and reduce the cost of your made home insurance.

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