Did You Know There’s No “Perfect RV” So Which One Should You Buy??

Did you guys know there’s no “Perfect RV“? You guys heard me right there is no perfect RV. Hope You read this post completely and also share it on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Struggle With Which RV to Choose Motorhome

Perfect RV

Many of you may struggle with which RV to choose motorhome vs travel trailer, big vs small you might.

Not know because you’ve either never owned an RV or you’re getting ready to go full-time you’re not quite sure what will fit your lifestyle.

We Bought Our First RV

I can completely relate to this as we were in the same boat the first time we bought our first RV.

If you’re new to the website we started with a 30-foot travel trailer it was an open range and we pulled it with a Dodge Ram 8-foot bed and in total we were 55 feet long.

After going full time we quickly realized that this setup was not perfect for us.

Because we like to move every three days or so.

We decided that we wanted something a little smaller more nimble so we switched to a 24-foot Itasca Viva which is a small class C and we have been motorhome people ever since.

Travel Style

The first thing you want to do before you ever even go shopping for your RV is to think about your travel style.

This is really important to you guys because you want to make sure that you’re making the best decision for your lifestyle.

Will you be staying solely in campgrounds or will you try boondocking as well?

Do you plan to move every three to six months or every three days will you be full-time or part-time do you have kids and pets?

All of this matters when it comes to narrowing down the RV option that is best for you in your lifestyle.

Which is More Comfortable Motorhome Or Towable

After you’ve narrowed down your travel style you want to start thinking about whether you are going to be more comfortable in a motorhome or a towable.

Sometimes it’s easier to simply start with what you have.

So if you already have a truck maybe look into towables that that truck can pull.

If you already have a small car maybe look into motorhomes that can pull that small car.

That would be a great place to start if you think that type of motor home or towable will fit your lifestyle.

Why You Might Decide To Choose A Motorhome


Let’s start with why you might decide to choose a Motorhome the main reason people choose motorhomes is that they spoil you in a way that towables can’t.

What I mean by that is: if I were driving in this class right here and it was a travel day as a co-pilot I could easily get up and make us a snack.

I could go to the restroom if I need to or if I wasn’t feeling well I can easily lie down without interrupting our travel time.

Time It Takes To Set Up And Break Down

Another great thing about a Motorhome is the time it takes to set up and break down.

In my personal opinion, it’s a lot easier than a towable because you’re not having to deal with that hitch.

They’re easier to back in the natal and also whenever it comes to your pets you don’t have to move them from the truck to the trailer and then back to the truck again when you go to break down your campsite.

Already Temperature Controlled

Another plus they’re already temperature controlled because you’ve been driving down the road with your a/c on.

If it’s raining outside when you get to your campground “no problem” because you’re already inside the RV.

These are just a few examples of what a Motorhome can offer that a towable can’t there are more positives out there.

So if you have some feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Negatives to Choosing A Motorhome

But because there’s no perfect RV that means there are also negatives to choosing a Motorhome.

What Happens When Your Motorhome Engine Breaks Down

The biggest most talked about negative is what happens when your motorhome engine breaks down.

If you have an engine problem with your motorhome and it needs to go into the shop.

This means your entire house will be in the shop.

This could force you to get a hotel for the duration of those repairs.

Now there are some RV service centers out there that will allow you to stay in your motorhome while it’s being repaired.

However, this is not always the case and it can get very expensive for you if you’re a full-timer.

More Expensive Than Towables

Motorhomes also tend to be more expensive than towables, Not just in the sticker price but also in the maintenance.

You might even struggle to find a repair center that can even work on your motorhome.

The tires will be more expensive and if you have a towed you now have double the engine double the transmission and double the maintenance.

So just keep that in mind when you’re trying to decide whether you want to go with a motorhome or a towable.

There are two more things I want you to think about before purchasing that motorhome:

1# Thing Before Purchasing That Motorhome

The first is if you plan to tow a vehicle behind it and you get yourself into a sticky situation.

Whether it’s a tight turn or a place that you realize that you can’t quite completely go into you will not be able to back up your RV with your tow detached.

You will actually have to get out unhook you’re and then get yourself out of that situation.

This might not seem like a big deal but imagine if it’s pouring down rain outside and you’ve gotten yourself into this predicament.

So just keep that in mind when you’re thinking of motorhomes.

2# Thing Before Purchasing That Motorhome

Another thing to think about that Thomas and I did not when purchasing our motorhome is the noise of the inside.

While you’re driving down the road it can get very noisy inside everything shakes and rattles and you’re in that cab hearing it all.

Now you can control a lot of it but there’s always gonna be a slight rattle that you just can’t quite get.

Con With The Motor Homes And Pro with the towable

Now let’s move on to totals typically anything that’s a con with the motor home is the Pro with the towable and vice versa.

For Example:

If you do get into that sticky situation and you need to back out you can easily do so with the towable without having to disconnect anything.

Also if your truck breaks down and used to go into the shop you still have your RV to live in without being interrupted.

Pro: More Living Space

One thing I really like about toe bowls is there’s more living space on a foot-to-foot comparison.

What I mean by that is that a 30-foot 5th wheel will have more space inside than a thirty-foot Class C.

Because there’s no cab chassis taking up valuable living space.

Pro: More Financially Obtainable Than Motorhomes

Another Pro is towable tends to be more financially obtainable than motorhomes. Especially if you already own a truck.

So we’ve discussed some present kinds of motorhomes and some pros and cons of towables if you have more please feel free to leave them in the comments below so we can help each other out.

Whether You Should Go Small or Large


Now I want to move on to whether you should go small or large.

To me, a smaller RV is anything 24 feet or less in length and you might be asking why would anyone want to live in something so small.

Well, for I we like to travel every couple of days so we like to move fast.

So our 24-foot Class C provides us the opportunity to do that with ease.

You might be a single person or a weekender heck you might even want to get to those hard-to-reach remote locations that big RVs just can’t get to.

So there are a lot of reasons why you might want to go this small.

What I Consider Medium-Sized RV

Let’s move on to what I consider a medium-sized RV to me personally anything 25 feet to 36 feet I would consider to be medium sized.

I think you can live very comfortably in this size range without giving up too many amenities.

Now you want to stay under 36 if your travel plan includes going to state in national parks.

Because many of those parks were built during a time when RVs were really small so the spaces are small.

Once you go over 36 feet you really limit yourself to being able to get into those locations.

Why I Consider Large RVs

Finally, there’s the large RVs and to me, I consider anything over 36 feet to be a large RV.

Now you might be wondering why someone would want to go this big and there are different reasons for everybody.

Maybe you have a big family or maybe you only move every six months and so you just want the extra space.

I do want you to keep in mind though the bigger you go the more challenges you will have and what I mean by that is

For Example:

When you go to wash your RV it’s going to take longer redoing those seals are going to take longer and it will be more costly for you.

Getting in and out of your RV spot it’s going to be a little more challenging and it’s just going to be overall more cumbersome to move around.

Doesn’t Mean Large RVs Are Bad

Now that doesn’t mean that big is bad I just want you guys to be aware before buying a big RV of what the challenges might be.

So just kind of keep those things in mind we often find that people will downsize after only a few months of owning an RV.

Because they realized they went too big and that’s totally understandable because you’re coming from a house.

You’re thinking about the living space you have in your house and it’s just easy to buy too big out the gate.

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