5 Cautions Or Tips To Those Considering An RV Before Taking The Plunge

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Unprecedented Times Of Owning An RV

5 Cautions Or Tips To Those Considering An RV

We’re living through unprecedented times the popularity of owning an RV for travel is soaring for obvious reasons.

Industry insiders and analysts agree that the sales and use of RVs are seeing a wave of growth.

Yet this also creates a set of issues for the potential buyer that must be addressed.

If you’re not careful you can be pulled into false expectations about your new RV that may cause considerable disappointment.

5 Cautions To Those Considering An RV

Cautions #1: Be Cautious About Pricing

You know there’s an increase in demand for RVs right now and that will usually mean higher prices.

For a while, their RV manufacturers stop production for a time.

The average selling price for towables for May 2020 was up almost 19% year-over-year which means the price for new RVs is going up.

New units will likely be challenging to find and be aware of what new actually means.

Right now on dealer lots, you can find 2019, 2020 s, and 2020 ones that are all new.

But you know some of these have been sitting on a lot for quite a while there are also variants within the same year.

You know there are previously unsold and new models that are all on Lots right now so you got to be a little careful.

Upgrades Mid Model

RV collides

There are also upgrades mid-model for example for my 2017 Arpad 179 there are actually three different models for 2017 so you need to do your research.

Tip #1: Price Is Negotiable

With RVs, manufacturers suggested prices almost all negotiable.

On average 20 to 30 percent discount is normal, more so for an older model year sitting on dealer lots.

So you’re going to want to look on RVtrader.com for pricing before you talk to a dealer.

Cautions #2: Build Quality

So the second caution is to be cautious about build quality right now.

An increase in demand means a fast ramp-up of factory production and it isn’t easy to quickly ramp up production and train workers simultaneously.

You know these RVs are handcrafted and not automated in most of their production.

There are some very experienced people working but large demand upticks mean new people have to be brought in.

You know your meal is only as good as the cook working that day.

However, the windows and appliances when those were installed were not very good in my opinion.

There are several people that can help produce your trailer, there can unlikely be variation in quality given the manual work involved.

Tip #2: Level-Set Expectations

So here’s a tipping level to set your expectations of quality.

It’s better to expect that you’ll have some basic quality issues to address under warranty versus thinking the trailer will be perfect.

Go into it planning for this and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Cautions #3: Used Trailers

The third caution is to be cautious about used trailers.

With so many people wanting RVs right now, it’s an ideal time to sell a less-than-the-best-used unit to a newbie buyer.

You know some use trailer issues are very difficult to diagnose and if you’re new at this get someone seasoned to help you out or get very informed before buying a used trailer.

It may be not easy right now to negotiate on price for a quality used trailer by the way.

Many used units have considerable upgrades and many of the kinks have been worked out by their current owner.

The owner may have paid dearly to dial in the trailer and will not necessarily negotiate and generally, you know scarcity means higher prices.

Tip #3: Discover Weak Areas

So here’s the tip before you decide to buy a used trailer make sure you understand the model you want.

Watch video reviews & check out the various forums and ask questions about that model.

In fact, until you know the weaknesses of that particular model you’re likely not ready to buy it used.

A potential form question would be:

“Hi, I’m new to the group and researching models for those of you have our pod 179 what would you say are the weak areas?”

Cautions #4: Camping Expectations

The fourth caution is to be cautious about your camping expectations.

You know TSA checkpoint numbers are down about 80 percent year-over-year people are just not flying by air right now.

Which is one of the major manufacturers of RVs in the u.s. did a twenty thousand-person survey in April and May of 2020.

And found out that ninety-four percent of people still plan on taking vacations in 2020.

So there’s a huge pent-up demand to get away from the house.

Travel By Car Two Points Of Interest

The first thing people will likely do is travel by car to two points of interest.


RVs play into this dynamic incredibly well, given the ability to social distance thus the sharp increase in demand.

Using It As Another

You know buying an RV is one thing using it is another.

It’s important to understand that there is already a shortage of campgrounds with a sharp increase in new RV buyers.

This will likely make booking campsites even more difficult.

Tip #4: Utilize Planning Tools

So here’s a tip begin to learn about the tools available to plan RV travel now.

Sites like Compendium.com or Allstays.com and the app associated with all stays have the tools to help you plan to travel well.

Cautions #5: Travel Expectations

So the fifth caution is to be cautious about your travel expectations.

You know there are restrictions still as you travel on the road.

There may be limited functioning rest stops along the way.

There may be issues at big-box stores where you think you can stop and walk around easily.

There’s a possibility even of being quarantined depending on where you’re going and of course, there’s still the possibility of having the ire of locals where you’re going.

Remember if social distancing issues can also be a problem at campgrounds themselves including check-ins, and usage of bathhouses which may just be closed.

Trails and hiking policies including uses of beaches, playgrounds, and dog parks could also be restricted.

And of course, concessions and camp tours may also be either closed or restricted in some way.

So you won’t have level set expectations when you’re actually thinking about going to a campground.

Social Distancing May Be An Issue Locally

You know and also social distancing may be an issue locally whether it be getting groceries or dining.

Or actually going to tourist attractions that maybe just a year ago are easy to get in and out of may really be a difficult situation going forward.

Tip #5: Camp Close By First

So here’s a tipping level set your expectations about what you will and won’t enjoy as you travel by RV in 2020.

There may be restrictions including at rest stops along the way.


My recommendation is to do a shorter trip closer to the home prior to an extended trip to another state.

You know I sincerely hope this article helped you level-set your expectations when buying and using an RV in 2021.

It’s important to take your time when looking at something that is a significant investment.

There are real issues to consider in the current environment.

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