Pros and Cons You Should Be Buying A New RV Or Used RV

Hi, Today I’m going to talk about the Pros and Cons of whether or not you should be buying a brand-new RV or a used RV. Hope you read this complete article and share it on your social media handles like FB, Instagram, and others.

Pros and Cons You Should Be Buying A New RV Or Used RV

“I’m gonna go ahead and ask that those of you who already own an RV. Please feel free to leave in the comments below.”

Did you buy new or used?

Maybe even leave the type of RV that you bought and let us know if you regret your decision and why?

So let’s go ahead and touch on a few pros and cons to buying brand new and a few pros and cons to buying used.

Pros With Buying Brand New RV

Pro 1# Brand New

When it comes to buying brand new the obvious pro is that it’s that brand new.

You’ll be the first person using this RV everything will be in pristine condition and hopefully everything is in working order.

Pro 2# Warranty

A second pro to buying brand new would be the warranty that it comes with.

Oftentimes brand new RVs have at least a one-year warranty in some manufacturers provide two and three year warranties.

So that’s something you’re going to want to look into before purchasing your RV.

Warranty Can Give You A Peace Of Mind

Now that warranty can give you a peace of mind because this is a very expensive purchase.

That if something does go wrong within those first couple years you can have that taken care of hopefully at no expense to you.

Pro 3# Getting The Exact RV

A third pro to buying a brand-new RV would be you’re getting the exact RV that you wanted.

So you’re getting the floor plan that you wanted, the number of slides that you wanted, the low mileage that you wanted, you’re getting everything you want by buying brand new.

Those are all the pros I could come up with buying a new RV so if you have more pros again leave them in the comments below.

Cons With Buying Brand New RV

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Con 1# Financial Hit

There are some major cons with buying brand new and the biggest con would be the financial hit you’re going to take.

As soon as you drive that RV off the lot, it is now used and you’ve lost thousands of dollars.

You cannot resell that within a week and get your money back, it’s just not possible.

It’s like buying a brand new house or a brand new truck or anything like that it will take time for you to get your money back essentially.

So that is a downfall to buying brand new just the fact that you’re going to take that financial hit as soon as you take it off at the lot.

Con 2# Warranty Work

Another con – buying brand new is that warranty work.

Believe it or not RVs are not perfect it doesn’t matter if they’re used or they’re new you’re going to have issues.

“We actually had a friend of ours do their first trip all the way up to any Ana and their brand-new RV and the tank just fell out of it while driving down the highway.”

So things like that can happen if you buy brand new and then you find yourself in that warranty process and if you choose a bad repair place they could have your RV for months.

Upwards to six months even to that whole first year, because they prioritize things and the RV industry is very swamped with repairs.

So it just takes a while to get things done.

So if you only have a one year warranty in your RV needs to go into the shop you might lose six months of that and then you only have six months left.

Share Your Experiences

So that is something that you need to really be aware of it is not as easy as getting your RV back overnight and I encourage you guys to share your experiences again below.

To let us know how your warranty processes have gone and how long did it take you guys to get your RV back is it worth it to buy brand new because of those issues.

Pros To Buying A Used RV

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With that being said there are a few pros to buying a used RV.

Pro 1# Cost Saving

The major number one Pro in my opinion is the cost savings.

You’re going to save thousands of dollars by buying used and if you buy from a private party you have way more negotiation opportunity there to lower that price versus buying from a dealer.

Also if you buy used hopefully that person that bought that RV brand-new has all of the warranty issues worked out.

Concern Yourself

So those won’t be headaches of yours, all of those kinks will be nice and smooth and it won’t be something you have to concern yourself with.

Now with that being said that leads me into some of the cons and one of the major cons to buying used is it’s just that it’s used.

So you might not really be sure what you’re getting yourself into did that previous owner maintain the RV, did they take care of it.

You know did they use it on a regular basis or did it just sit there and rot. So that could be a risk of buying used as well.

Cons To Buying A Used RV

Con 1# Buying New

Another kind to buying used would be the pro buying new.

You may not get the exact floorplan you want, say you’re looking for a specific type of RV.

Like the “Itasca Viva“, Now maybe I wanted the 23l floorplan but all that was available across the nation was the 23b.

So now I’m kind of having to settle and sacrifice on what I really wanted because I’m buying used. So that’s something else to think about.

Whether You Buy New Or Used RV

Pros and Cons You Should Be Buying A New RV Or Used RV

Whether you buy new or used it really all boils down to your pocketbook.

Now if you can afford a $50,000 RV you need to ask yourself.

Do I want to buy a brand new $50,000 RV or do I want to buy a RV that’s about five to ten years old.

That would have been originally a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars.

But now I’m getting it for fifty thousand dollars because it’s used.

In the situation that I are in it’s always going to be in our financial best interest to buy used.

Handy Whenever It Comes to Repairs and Things

We’re pretty handy whenever it comes to repairs and things like that so we’re confident that we can tackle just about any problem that comes our way with buying used.

But with that being said you need to ask yourself the same thing, would you be able to handle something major if you come across it when you purchase that used RV.

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For Example:

Major water damage or you know any kind of axle problems or anything like that.

You just need to ask yourself if it’s something that you can handle or would it be better for you to just buy a brand-new RV have that warranty and have that peace of mind.

Try To Make Yourself As Educated As Possible

My best advice to you is to try to make yourself as educated as possible.

You should be always looking at the guides of the RV’s whether you’re buying new or used to make sure that they are priced properly.

You should be looking at RV traders and don’t just look at RV traders in your area.

Look nationwide even if you’re buying new you should be looking at RV traders nationwide.

Because there may be a brand new RV that’s a couple of states away that you could save thousands on because they’re selling it for cheaper than a place in your hometown.

So check RV Trader and consider joining forums like Facebook groups or any online forums for the particular RV that you think you’re interested in before you make that purchase.

If you have any more pros or cons to buying new or used please feel free to leave them in the comments below and Share this post on social media. If you have any doubt related to this article, then comment to us.

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