Top 5 Tips For Renting An RV And Having A Great Vacation

Today I’d like to give you the top 5 tips for renting an RV and having a great vacation. Hope you read this complete article Please share this post on social media handel.

Whether you’re single a couple or a family of eight one of the best ways to see America is from an RV.

Whether you like to camp beside a bubbling brook with no one else in sight or whether you’d prefer to be at a resort with all of the amenities including pools and shuffleboard and game nights and karaoke.

You can do all those things, while you’re traveling in your RV.

To help you get started right and so you don’t make some of the mistakes that I made.

So, let’s get started 5 top tips for renting an RV and having a great vacation.

Top 5 Tips For Renting An RV

Tip 1. Check Local and Independent Rental Options

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Look for local or independent rental options before you decide where to get your RV.

Just about everybody’s seen one of cruse America’s RVs going down the highway.

They are the biggest RV rental company in the United States by far and they have a good solid product.

They are very experienced at working with people who don’t know how to run an RV to have a good vacation and you can’t go wrong by renting from cruise America.

Look at Different Kinds Of RVs

But there are a lot of other companies too that have different kinds of RVs with additional amenities and maybe a substantially lower price.

You should look into El Monte RV, you should look into Road Bear RV, you should look into RV share RV share is actually private RV owners.

Who are looking to rent their RV out to vacationers?

So that you can take a vacation and they’re fully equipped RV and they can make a little money while they’re at work and you’re at play.

Don’t Forget To Look For Local Dealers

And don’t forget to look for local dealers, for instance, if you did a search for RV rentals in New Jersey.

You would find among others 84 RV ( and we happen to know that a really great place to get your RV rental.

But there are all kinds of local dealers and wherever you are in the country just Google.

“RV rental and then add the name of the city”

Where you’d like to start your vacation and you will get a list of local dealers.

That might even be local sellers of RVs that keep one or two on their lot for demonstration purposes and that would be happy to rent one to you.

Make sure you have the opportunity to get the best RV bang for your buck and check out independent and local rental options in addition to the nationwide big boys.

Tip 2. Choose The Smallest RV

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The second tip may come as a surprise to you.

But I would suggest that you rent the smallest RV that will meet your needs.

RVs come in every size from a van up to a 45-foot giant and you might be tempted to get a big RV.

Because it has all of the extra amenities in it.

But there are some good reasons to rent a smaller RV if you can do so.

Easier To Drive

First of all, it’s easier to drive unless you know how to drive a truck.

Then a smaller RV will take much less adjustment on your part until you feel safe and confident traveling down the road.

Easier To Set Up

The nice thing about smaller RVs is that they’re easier to set up and easier to take down and when you get into town when you get to the site that you want to visit, they are much easier to park.

A smaller RV gives you much greater versatility about where you go, where you camp, and seeing all the sights that you want to see while you’re out there.

Tip 3. Pick Up Your RV from A Local Dealer Or Private Individual

Pick Up Your RV A Local Dealer

Tip number three is when you go to pick up your RV whether it’s from a big chain or a local dealer or even a private individual.

One of the things that they’re going to want to do before they let you drive away in their quarter-million-dollar vehicle.

Is gives you a tour of all of the functions of the RV and how everything works where everything is.

If You’ve Never Gone RVing Before

Now if you’ve never gone RVing before, there’s a lot to learn in a very short period of time and of course, you want to ask questions.

Make a Video Of Your Orientation

But I suggest that you also use your phone or a video camera and videotape their entire orientation tour of the RV.

That way when it gets to be the next night and you want to level the RV you don’t quite remember what you have to do in what order.

You don’t have to make a phone call to somebody and hope that you get an answer.

Just go to your video and listen to the part where they explained to you “how to do it”, “how to start the generator”, “how to empty the septic systems” all of those different kinds of things.

Orientation Tour

There’s a second bonus to videotaping that orientation tour.

It gives you a clear record of what damages do or do not exist on the RV before you take it out of the lot.

So if there’s any dispute about whether you caused damage or whether it was already there you can just bring out your camera and show them that it wasn’t you.

Tip 4. Bring Some Frozen Meals

Frozen Meals for rv

Tip number four is a simple one but a great tip is to cook some of your favorite meals in advance and freeze them.

So that you can reheat them while you’re traveling down the road.

RV kitchens are versatile but they’re very very small and sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to make all of the appliances work for you.

And RV refrigerators tend to be pretty small also.

“What I like to do is cook some ribs for instance on my barbecue at home, Cut them into portions and then freeze them.”

Great Advantages Of RVing

One of the great advantages of RVing is that you don’t have to go out to restaurants every night.

You can eat in your rolling hotel and get a shot.

Tip 5. Choose Some Campgrounds

Tip number five Before you leave for your trip one of the things you’re going to want to do is choose some campgrounds that you might stay at along the way.

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When you go to campground websites they all have beautiful pictures of their large-level spacious parking places.

They all have pictures of trees and babbling brooks and children playing happily.

The thing is that those pictures can be very very carefully cropped.

So that they don’t show you the parts of the campground that you really wouldn’t want to see and you might not want to camp there.

Use Satellite View

One of the things we like to do before going on a trip or choosing to go to a particular campground.

To open Google Maps and get a satellite view of the campground, you can zoom right in and that’s when you might see that there are railroad tracks.

That run right past where your campsite is going to be, or where you can see that there are some woods on one side but the rest of it is more like a parking lot.

Use Satellite View

Or you might see the ideal parking space and you can ask for that space specifically when you call to make your reservation or to say you’re arriving that night.

Google Maps

Use Google Maps not just to get from here to there but to take a first-hand look from the air at the park where you’re gonna be staying.

I hope you’ll follow us on that trip also if you found this article helpful or if you’d like to follow along in our adventures.

If you have any doubt related to this topic, then comment with us. We will try to solve your doubts.

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