DIY Camper Van 5 Easy Steps It Doesn’t Have To Take A Long Time

DIY campervan in 5 easy steps it doesn’t have to take a long time to renovate something to get out on the road. Today we’re giving you five steps to do it quickly these steps will help you a lot and read a complete post or share on social media like FB, Twitter, and others.

DIY Camper Van 5 Steps To Do It Quickly

DIY Camper Van

I’m excited to give you these five easy steps because we spent 18 months renovating my 1979 Airstream.

It was an extremely long and frustrating process and it doesn’t have to be the process that you go through to hit the road.

We want to share five things that you can do easily you can do them within a month and you can hit the road.

So let’s get into it

1. Buy A Mattress

Van Mattress

So you can find a mattress on Amazon for a hundred hundred fifty bucks.

That will fit perfectly inside your camper van.

You can even get a foam one to cut it out to custom sizes.

If your van has a curve to it or it has a funky shape where the bed’s gonna be it is super simple to buy a foam mattress to get a place to sleep in that van.

Because sleeping is one of the essential pieces that has to be covered in order to hit the road.

In our opinion it’s the first one you should knock out get on Amazon do a little research and get a foam mattress you’ll be one step closer to hitting the road.

Mattress Recommendation

2. Buy A Propane Cooktop

Van Cooktop

Number two is get a propane cooktop this can be something so simple.

Coleman makes the probably the most common version you’re used to seeing available at Walmart.

But also if you just do a quick search online you can find a few better units that will have like two or three cooktops on them.

Benefits: “Get one thing going for your eggs, Get one thing going for your coffee, You’ll have breakfast in the morning, You can make all your meals on that cooktop.”

You can get disposable little propane canisters or you can get a larger refillable unit that you can hook right up to that propane cooktop.

Which you can use inside your RV if you have proper ventilation or easily outside your RV.

You know the second most important thing to sleep is eating so if you get a cooktop you’ll now have a mattress and a way to eat.

So you’ll be now two steps closer to getting on the road.

Cooktop Recommendation

3. Buy A JUG

Van Jug

Number three is a portable water jug.

Because drinking is super important to but it’s not just drinking it’s having water to clean with and water to bathe with.

They sell five or six gallon jugs on Amazon at Walmart you can get one or two of these fill them up.

You can put them under Meath a little cabinet area in in your camper van for easy storage or you can even mount them on the back of your camper van.

If you don’t want them to take up room inside.

But these five or six-gallon jugs will let you drink fresh water.

If you know it’s coming from a clean source.

Someplace To Take A Shower

It can also hook you up to someplace to take a shower like a solar shower that way you’re gonna be able to stay clean and you can wash your dishes with it.

You don’t need any elaborate water system though.

Just know that a jug will do the trick for getting on the road.

JUG Recommendation

4. Buy A Cellular Booster

Van Cellular Booster

Number four and this might be more controversial to some.

But I promise you if you are getting your camper van ready to hit the road and you want to travel across America and you want to be able to get work done or talk to your family you need a cell booster.

Since you’re in a camper van you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a cell boot booster.

RV cell boosters are up to 500 bucks All you need is something called a Weboost drive sleek it’s what we use in our truck since you’re already in a drivable unit.

Easy To Install

You can use it in your van easy to install it’ll boost one cell phone or one hotspot at a time for us The Weboost drive sleek has turned one bar of unusable service into four or five bars of service that we could stream Netflix with.

It won’t create a signal where no signal exists, But if you have a signal that’s barely usable it can quite often boost that to something that you’re streaming with.

So whether you want to stay connected just to make a phone call or do leisurely things like stream Netflix.

A cell booster in my opinion is essential and it should be one of the pieces of your DIY camper van.

Cellular Booster Recommendation

5. Buy A Tank Of Gas

Van Tank Of Gas

Number five now that you have food, water, a place to sleep, and connectivity.

The last thing you need is a tank full of gas and you might want to have an extra gas tank just in case you run out.

You’re ready to hit the road you don’t need a lot.

If you’re in a camper van you could take advantage of so much free camping in America.

You can do stealth camping the world is your oyster whenever you’re so mobile and so unnoticeable.

That is the beauty of having a camper van is that no one knows you’re living in it.

Especially if you do these mods quickly you get that mattress you get that stovetop.

No one is gonna know that you’re living in that and traveling in that Take advantage of those free campsites get that tank of gas and get on the road.

Gas Tank Recommendation

Especially if you’re in the campervan take advantage of it and save a little money thank you for reading this post. If you liked this post, you must share it on your social media handle.

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